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The CorFlush system will revive the life of your electric actuators, gear boxes and operators and will greatly reduce equipment failure before it happens.

Downtime is the oil and gas industry’s number one enemy.  In an environment where equipment is expected to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week under extreme conditions, it is paramount to have all equipment well lubricated to prolong reliability.  One of the existing problems in the oil and gas industry is the number of SMB, SM, SMC and even HMB’s that have been in operation since the 1950’s and due to the extreme conditions under which they are used the grease in the enclosed gearbox loses its moisture and becomes dry like clay.  When grease becomes so dry it loses its ability to release its oil (called oil bleed) during operation to properly lubricate the bearings in a gear box.  The CorFlush system will remove the old dried grease along with contaminates from wear over the years.  Up to this point all of the metal from wear and moisture from condensation have been trapped inside the sealed gearbox.

There is no need for the line to be shut down.  CorFlush will clean your electric actuator’s gear box and replenish with the recommended grease or oil, extending the life of the actuator while still in line and in service.

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