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Field Services

We have trucks and mobile units available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The trucks are outfitted, with the proper tools and men to work through any of your valve / actuator needs. We start each job with a tailgate safety meeting to ensure we all are aware of the task ahead.

You may have been told in the past that only the “Factory” can supply you with those “in-line” repairs. Horizon has developed its own “in-line” repair equipment; we can even service “Orbit® Valves, which have exotic repair equipment requirements. We have the in-line tools to pull and push the seats on the Orbit® valves without dropping the body out of line. This saves you time and money! We’ll quote you the “worst-case “ so you know the highest you may have to pay, but remember, you only pay for the actual time and material.

All Horizon employees have gone through extensive training before arrival at a job sight. Our experienced field service technicians can diagnose and repair valve and actuator-related problems on Orbit®, gate, pipeline gate, globe, check and ball valves. If new parts cannot be procured through OEM, our shop can reproduce the parts and provide them to the field in an expedited manner.  We are proud to be part of the ISNetworld. Please fill free to look us up and become partners with us.  We also carry TWIC cards for the companies that requiring them. All Horizon employees carry cards for: H2S, NORM, Fit test, to name a few. If you require specific training, we will cater to whatsoever training is needed for your company’s requirements.

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Field Service Specialties:

Randy Quinton
Field Manager
Toll-Free : 866-202-2478
Cell : 918-859-2559
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